State of the Blog

25 Mar

The last month has been pretty crazy for both Lara and David.  They both volunteered significant amounts of time to working on the SXSW Film Festival, both leading up to and during the festival.  In addition, they both were working their normal, everyday jobs.  And Lara was continuing an internship.  So, all in all, they have been exceedingly busy.  Which explains the absence of any new content here.  Its not necessarily a good excuse, but it is one.



But all of that is to say, that we have new things to talk about, new things to post, and new things to share.  Tripp will be back with Netflix recommendations next Monday.  Lara and David will have a top five list for the films they saw at SXSW this week, Poster Passion will return, reviews will come rolling in, and even more stuff that we can’t even think of right now.

So, prepare yourselves.  You have all been duly warned.


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