Poster Passion: Blacula

28 Mar

The seventies were a wonderful time for the American film industry.  Scorsese, Milius, Spielberg, Coppola, and many more were just beginning to hit their stride.  Animation was starting to become experimental with people like Ralph Bakshi.  And blaxploitation burst onto the scene.  Really, exploitation film in general burst onto the scene, but my favorite kind is blaxploitation.  The characters are usually more interesting, its funnier, and the music is always incredible.

One of my favorite things that blaxploitation did was branch into horror films.  Dr. Black and Mr. HydeJD’s Revenge, and Sugar Hill are just a few examples.  But the crowning jewel of the blaxploitation horror movement was Blacula.  Today, many people write the film off because of the cheesy title.  And their are definitely some cheesy parts to the film.  But its much more nuanced than people give it credit for.  With some genuinely creepy moments, a very interesting plot, and a groundbreaking example of homosexuality in film (and by an interracial couple no less).  Plus it had some great posters.







– david


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