Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 17

1 Apr

Imma gonna have to be real with you all for a second. I’ve been crying for like 5 days straight.  I got a bad case of the feels, ya feel me? I’m going to tell you why I got these feels but just, just be ready. You see what had happened was, I got in one of my Netflix moods. The kinda mood where nothing looks good. You’ve been there, we all have. I started my 5th viewing of How I Met Your Mother, but even with that, I wanted something else. So, I fell back on my ‘go to’ films; Emotional Sports Documentaries. I let Netflix decide what I would watch; I let it suggest something to me without laughing at its poor taste. So with that, I watched Undefeated. A simple tale of a high school football team in Tennessee. It was like watching every episode of Friday Night Lights at once. My body couldn’t handle it. The tears flowed. Two moments, and you will know when they hit, two moments that I’m pretty sure beat having children.


Ok, enough sadness, let’s talk Sci-Fi. This short titled The Seed is one of the strongest Sci-Fi films I’ve seen in recent memory. It feels like it’s in the same Universe as Duncan Jones’s Moon yet still feels like it’s own entity.



I realize I am waaaaay late on this but I just saw it and it’s great, Azureus Rising. Whenever I play a new video game and watch one of those CG intros I always wonder why they don’t make that into a film. Azureus Rising is more or less that, only without being tied to a game. Graphically, it looks like it should be a game, but the action and the style are so good it stands out very well as it’s own short.



– Tripp



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