Poster Passion: Dune

3 Apr

David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune is one of my favorite films.  I know its the director’s least favorite of his own films, but I love it.  I love the music by Toto.  I love the huge desert landscapes.  I love how epic the whole thing is.  No, it doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense at times.  And yes, it is extremely long.  And I’ll even admit that the internal monologues (that I happen to think are kind of a cool touch) might be a little off-putting at times.

But I still think its a great film.  And its one that I re-watch every couple of months (along with Conan the Barbarian and From Russia with Love).  And the posters are pretty great too.  They really convey the same feeling that you get from the opening narration of the film:  Everything is on an epic scale, and you probably won’t quite grasp it all.













– david

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