Visible Quotes #6: The Octagon

6 May

Visible Quotes is our attempt to share some of our favorite lines in film, in their original context.  They’re always better in the movie, especially when the other option is your friend endlessly saying them.

I will admit, without any shame, that I love Chuck Norris movies.  The action is great, the villains are always over the top, and Chuck’s characters are endlessly entertaining (maybe not always for the right reasons, but that’s beside the point).  But its definitely a fact that his earlier films were better than his later ones.  The 70s and 80s were Chuck’s heyday.  And there are some excellent examples out there.  Today, our quote comes from one of my absolute favorites: The Octagon.

In The Octagon, Chuck plays a retired martial arts champion who decides to go after a secret ninja clan after they do enough damage to his personal life that he can’t ignore them any longer.  For some reason, there is a ton of voice-over narration that allows us to hear Chuck’s inner thoughts through all of this action.  Which is awesome.  It also features Lee Van Cleef as a man who murders terrorists.  That is actually his profession.  He finds terrorists as they come into the United States and murders them.  He’s a fascinating character and I really wish there was a sequel to The Octagon that just focused on him.

Anyway, our quote comes from the scene where Chuck is trying to convince his disbelieving fried that ninjas are behind all of the recent crimes.  Its great not only because of the way he phrases his argument, but because his mustache is simply amazing.



Oh man, he’s just such a role model.

– david


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