Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 18

7 May

Hey baby, how have you been? Oh is that so? Really? I told you, Becky is a huge bitch. Look I’m going to cheer you up right now. You ready for this? Good. Turn on Netflix and type these words into the search field, ‘The Cabin in the Woods’. Now hit play.


That’s right; the glorious sorta kinda horror movie The Cabin in the Woods is on Netflix. If you didn’t catch this in theaters you are in for a treat. Sadly, I cannot go into more detail as I don’t want to spoil the goodness, but just trust me, there is much goodness.

The fantastic Halo 4 live action short series, Forward Unto Dawn, has been edited a bit and formed into a full length film which is now available on Netflix. This may be a hard sell to most people but trust me, this isn’t your 1994 Street Fighter. The film focuses not on the main character from the Halo series, but on the military academy that produces the normal human soldiers. It is remarkably well done and never feels like a marketing video.

forward unto dawn

Also um, 1994’s Street Fighter is on Netflix and let’s be honest, it’s fucking incredible. M.Bison’s speech to Chung Lee about the destruction of her village is one of the greatest villain speeches of all time.


– Tripp


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