The Pull List #3

15 May

DC Comics

Aquaman Vol. 1: “The Trench” TBP by Geoff Johns, art by Ivan Reis


A few years ago, Geoff Johns completely remade the Green Lantern mythology bringing Hal Jordan back and fleshing out the emotional spectrum. Now, with the New 52, he’s doing the same thing for Aquaman. Yes, the guy who’s superpowers include “can-talk-to-fish”, who has frequently been the butt of comic book jokes for years, got the Geoff Johns makeover and now Aquaman is one of the best books DC is putting out each month. Collected in this TPB is the new introduction to Aquaman and his partner Mera as they struggle against a threat from deep below the sea. But more than that, it is simply a fantastic new take on an old DC character, one that is full of moments that show how in the right hands any character, even Aquaman, can be powerful and conflicted and utterly relatable, and without a doubt one of the most badass characters in the new DC Universe.

Batwoman #20 by J.H. Williams III, art by Trevor McCarthy


The art work by J.H. Williams and Trevor McCarthy on Batwoman each month is quite simply gorgeous. There is not another monthly title that can quite match the illustrations and page layouts that these two manage to put together, and even if Williams’ writing has faltered at times, Batwoman is always a treat to read. The last arc has just wrapped up, and now we will get to see Batwoman getting used to working for the Department of Extranormal Operations, as they use her to try and challenge Batman. It’s an intriguing set up, and hopefully this issue doesn’t disappoint.

 Image Comics

Sex #2 (2nd Printing) by Joe Casey, art by Piotr Kowalski


I can’t tell if Sex is the Spring Breakers of the comics world, one massive, subversive, joke being pushed onto people until they finally admit defeat. From the obviously provocative name to the “COLLECTORS ISSUE” printed across the front of issue one, it’s clear that creator Joe Casey is intent on doing more than simply putting out another comic each month. Of course that would be meaningless if there wasn’t some substance behind all the posturing, and luckily the first issue of Sex was an intriguing mix of traditional superhero storytelling and futuristic noir, as we are introduced to Simone Cooke, former CEO and Armored Saint, who after retiring from the public eye (why? it’s not quite clear), is being pulled back into his old life. I haven’t picked up #2 yet, but I am definitely interested to see what happens when a former superhero decides that fighting crime just isn’t really worth it anymore.

Marvel Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man #23 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Sarah Pichelli


Yes, Brian Michael Bendis is still writing Ultimate Spider-Man, and yes, it is still a fantastic comic. After the previous issue’s tragic death, #23 skips ahead a year to find a Miles Morales who has hung up the tights. Obviously this isn’t going to last, and is an idea that’s been done a million times in superhero stories (the cover itself is an homage to Amazing Spider-Man #50) but with the Ultimate Universe and the new Spider-Man Miles Morales, I can only hope that Bendis is able to subvert the stereotype and continue the fantastic storytelling he’s been doing on the title since 2000. At the very least it’ll be a good jumping on point, and the end of the previous issue suggested that Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) would be joining the cast, which in and of itself is reason to pick this up.

 – Nico



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