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Hi-Fi Ku: Moon

11 Apr

Be warned! This haiku is a little spoilery. Let it be more incentive for you who haven’t seen this brilliant, sci-fi drama. Hit the jump to read on.

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Hi-Fi Ku: The Big Lebowski

2 Apr

Sometimes there’s a man
The rug gets pulled out under him
Talkin’ ’bout the Dude here.

– Lara

The Big Lebowski

Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 16

18 Feb

Have you ever fought a five foot tall demonic penis? No? Let me tell you, you are missing out. It’s like watching Tremors only you are fighting a penis. Penis. Todd and the Book of Evil is a pro at fighting demonic penises…peni. Imagine if you took Idle Hands, 4chan, Superbad, Metal, and Canada. That’s this show and it’s glorious. It’s on Netflix and it deserves your eyeballs. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be amazed at the amount of B movie style horrorgoremetalsexstuff the show gets away with.

Todd & the Book of Evil

Safety Not Guaranteed. Time travel + Aubrey Plaza. Oh and it’s pretty funny. Netflix

Safety Not Guaranteed

Times are a changin. YouTube used to be a place for cat videos, kids hitting their dads in the nuts, and Nickleback videos. Now you can find content of such incredible quality, you will wonder how it’s only a webseries and not a part of like, NBC’s rotating Thursday prime time viewing or something. Drone just won a Streamy award for effects and it does not dissapoint. Here is the trailer, whole show is on the same channel: 

Hi-Fi Ku: Mrs. Doubtfire

30 Jan

Irked mom wants divorce
Drag-dad cooks up sup and schemes
Only in the nineties.


Hi-Fi Ku: Casablanca

17 Jan

Glorified discourse
Bogart attempts emotion
Of all the gin joints.

– Lara


Facial Hair Friday, #73: Dashing Directors

11 Jan

Oscar nominations are out! And while I could use this platform to complain about who I really wanted in the race and how outrageous it is that the score for Cloud Atlas was snubbed, I’m going to just look at one aspect of yesterday’s announcements. The thing that most took me off guard: this year’s contenders for Best Director.

Over the past decade or so, (with the exception of the controversial Ang Lee / Traffic year, as well as Roman Polanski / Chicago) the Best Picture winner has been completely synonymous with the Best Director. This has really hindered the excitement and surprise of the final, most coveted award, “Ok, Tom Hooper won, so The King’s Speech is gonna take Best Picture over The Social Network. Yay.” It’s been pretty formulaic and disappointing, because they DON’T ALWAYS have to go hand in hand. And this year it doesn’t look like they will.

This year the films that have been most talked about for Best Picture winner: Argo, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty don’t even have their head honchos in the running! And those aren’t just first-time filmmakers– each has been nominated or won in the past. For these 85th Academy Awards we have two fresh faces: Benh Zeitlin, who at only 30 years old is up for his first feature film, The Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Michael Haneke, a 70 year old, Austrian veteran who is just getting the Oscars’ attention for Amour. There is also David O. Russell, who is brought back for the second time after The Fighter two years ago, and our wonderful veterans, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg. And let’s face it. Steven has done so much for film, he should be nominated yearly. Whether or not he’s made a new movie. But I digress… Though I’m a bit miffed that Quentin Tarantino and Ben Affleck didn’t get nods, I still think it’s pretty rad that there’s such an amalgamation of Directors contending this year, and that they aren’t positively going to be taking home the Best Film Oscar.

And here I was going to make a collage of all the competitors, assuming they would be have beards, as all good directors do (with the exception of the lady ones, of course*). But instead only TWO of the fellows are scruffy, and so they are the ones who get to feature on this week’s Facial Hair Friday.


Michael Heneke                                                 /                    Steven Spielberg

Ang Lee, David O. Russell, Benh Zeitlin – GET ON IT.

Glad for something different,


*I must say, as happy as I was to have a female director finally take home the Oscar a few years ago, I’m quite relieved that Kathryn Bigelow isn’t even competing this year. Zero Dark Thirty looks almost exactly the same as The Hurt Locker! I mean, to have someone win for two consecutive modern war films– I couldn’t take it.

Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 10

7 Jan

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas? By that I mean, did you get me anything awesome for Christmas? No? Man, you are a jerk. Thankfully though, I am not a jerk and I am going to tell you about awesome movies and TV shows you can watch on the intertubes.

V/H/S is on Netflix. I really cannot tell you anything more than that because it’s a horror movie and my delicate heart won’t make it through one. My second hand review of it is: ‘Tripp you should watch it, it’s really good and scary.’

If you took a break to watch V/H/S before making it to this paragraph, you are in luck, I have just the thing to bring happiness back into your life. Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments is hilarious. How hilarious? While watching it I peed so hard it shot through my pants and hit my dog in the eye. If that doesn’t sell you, then you should at least check it out to show Aziz Ansari some love. He is Tom on Parks and Recreation after all.

Ok guys and gals, real talk for a second. There has been a ton of new content added to Netflix since the holidays and that is of course good news. There was however one piece of content that needs to be seen before all others. The West Wing. ‘But Tripp that show is old and everyone has seen it’. Shut up I hate you, watch it again. I spent most of Saturday crying throughout Season 2 Episode 1 and I’ll have you know I own a multi-tool so I’m pretty manly. Like New South Wales.


We will talk again after you have watched all of The West Wing.


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