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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 18

7 May

Hey baby, how have you been? Oh is that so? Really? I told you, Becky is a huge bitch. Look I’m going to cheer you up right now. You ready for this? Good. Turn on Netflix and type these words into the search field, ‘The Cabin in the Woods’. Now hit play.


That’s right; the glorious sorta kinda horror movie The Cabin in the Woods is on Netflix. If you didn’t catch this in theaters you are in for a treat. Sadly, I cannot go into more detail as I don’t want to spoil the goodness, but just trust me, there is much goodness.

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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 17

1 Apr

Imma gonna have to be real with you all for a second. I’ve been crying for like 5 days straight.  I got a bad case of the feels, ya feel me? I’m going to tell you why I got these feels but just, just be ready. You see what had happened was, I got in one of my Netflix moods. The kinda mood where nothing looks good. You’ve been there, we all have. I started my 5th viewing of How I Met Your Mother, but even with that, I wanted something else. So, I fell back on my ‘go to’ films; Emotional Sports Documentaries. I let Netflix decide what I would watch; I let it suggest something to me without laughing at its poor taste. So with that, I watched Undefeated. A simple tale of a high school football team in Tennessee. It was like watching every episode of Friday Night Lights at once. My body couldn’t handle it. The tears flowed. Two moments, and you will know when they hit, two moments that I’m pretty sure beat having children.


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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 16

18 Feb

Have you ever fought a five foot tall demonic penis? No? Let me tell you, you are missing out. It’s like watching Tremors only you are fighting a penis. Penis. Todd and the Book of Evil is a pro at fighting demonic penises…peni. Imagine if you took Idle Hands, 4chan, Superbad, Metal, and Canada. That’s this show and it’s glorious. It’s on Netflix and it deserves your eyeballs. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be amazed at the amount of B movie style horrorgoremetalsexstuff the show gets away with.

Todd & the Book of Evil

Safety Not Guaranteed. Time travel + Aubrey Plaza. Oh and it’s pretty funny. Netflix

Safety Not Guaranteed

Times are a changin. YouTube used to be a place for cat videos, kids hitting their dads in the nuts, and Nickleback videos. Now you can find content of such incredible quality, you will wonder how it’s only a webseries and not a part of like, NBC’s rotating Thursday prime time viewing or something. Drone just won a Streamy award for effects and it does not dissapoint. Here is the trailer, whole show is on the same channel: 

Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 15

12 Feb


The Karate Kid. We all love it. If you are too young to have seen it and you are just now hearing about it, well, your parents should have made sweet love sooner.


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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 14

4 Feb

If you started watching The West Wing based on my recommendations, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened during season 5. I didn’t know the writers got drunk, turned into spiteful assholes, then wrote season 5. I just don’t understand how you take such an enjoyable cast and make them all unlikable.


The big news is that the Netflix original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey is up. Not only is it up in the sense that you can watch the first episode, no no, Netflix put the whole series up. It does some neat things here and there, yet at times the whole thing feels really forced. Still, Mr. Spacey kills it and there are far worse things you could being watching.



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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 13

28 Jan

Netflix be slackin, yo. I mean there are some new things to be seen, don’t get me wrong. But I haven’t heard of any of them, so that more or less makes them terrible. Not First Kid with Sinbad terrible, but terrible.

I do need to apologize, I told the world to watch Butter two weeks ago. I am so, so sorry. I didn’t realize how terrible it was. Still though, butter sculptures. Nothing says swag like butter sculptures. Swag.

Ok, Netflix, you had your chance. To the rest of the internet!



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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 12

23 Jan

Let us quickly talk game trailers. First, I will address their greatest flaw, they are not The West Wing. Seriously, are you watching it? Pony up and turn it on. Anyway, game trailers are as much an art form as film trailers and this week we have been blessed.

Not only do we have the opening cinematic for the new Starcrat 2: Heart of the Swarm,

but we also have the cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Both of these are fantastic and will make you want full length versions.

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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 11

14 Jan

What do you want from me? I’m still watching The West Wing. It has consumed me. I am no longer just a passenger following these characters lives. I am a caretaker. It is my civil duty as an American to only watch this show.

That said there is a bunch of shit I haven’t watched yet on Netflix now. I am slowly losing grip on all that is reality. I don’t understand how all of you can just sit by and not take part in this piece of political perfection that is The West Wing. Sorry, I mean, um. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is on Netflix. People liked that right?



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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 10

7 Jan

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas? By that I mean, did you get me anything awesome for Christmas? No? Man, you are a jerk. Thankfully though, I am not a jerk and I am going to tell you about awesome movies and TV shows you can watch on the intertubes.

V/H/S is on Netflix. I really cannot tell you anything more than that because it’s a horror movie and my delicate heart won’t make it through one. My second hand review of it is: ‘Tripp you should watch it, it’s really good and scary.’

If you took a break to watch V/H/S before making it to this paragraph, you are in luck, I have just the thing to bring happiness back into your life. Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments is hilarious. How hilarious? While watching it I peed so hard it shot through my pants and hit my dog in the eye. If that doesn’t sell you, then you should at least check it out to show Aziz Ansari some love. He is Tom on Parks and Recreation after all.

Ok guys and gals, real talk for a second. There has been a ton of new content added to Netflix since the holidays and that is of course good news. There was however one piece of content that needs to be seen before all others. The West Wing. ‘But Tripp that show is old and everyone has seen it’. Shut up I hate you, watch it again. I spent most of Saturday crying throughout Season 2 Episode 1 and I’ll have you know I own a multi-tool so I’m pretty manly. Like New South Wales.


We will talk again after you have watched all of The West Wing.


Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 9

17 Dec

I got a real person grown up adult job last week so you can expect these to now be shorter and made with less love. Thankfully, a lot of exciting crap came out, so, yay! First things first, what a week for trailers.  Star Trek Into DarknessPacific RimMan of SteelOblivion, and After Earth.   I know a few people were worried that Zach Synder couldn’t handle something like Superman. I’ve always liked him (yes, Sucker Punch included) and based on this trailer, I think all fears can be put to rest.



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