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Our Unbiased Opinion: Disability and Ability in Science Fiction

21 May

In my classroom this past semester, we’d been talking about Nancy Farmer’s The Ear, the Eye and the Arm, and I was really nervous about being observed for the first time – as a student I never had to deal with evaluations & I’ve literally never been in a teaching situation before now. My students were probably the best they’ve ever been this week though with thoughtful discussion and full engagement with the text. I am so glad they picked this week to make me look good (but really it’s all their doing).


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Our Unbiased Opinion: So Long, Patty Andrews

13 Feb

I grew up on movies.  I went to see them with my dad in the theater almost every weekend growing up, and we watched even more at home.  By the time I was in high school, I was going to Blockbuster every Monday and picking out three movies I wanted to watch that week.  But when I was a kid, it was my parents that did the picking out.  This is why I still watch Abbot and Costello, Bob Hope, and Disney films.  Those were a large chunk of my childhood.  There was nothing I would rather do as a child than watch Lou Costello bumble his way through the military.  Or a riverboat.  Or an African safari.

This upbringing also left me with a deep appreciation for classic musicals.  And musical numbers in classic movies.  Most of the best Abbot and Costello films (and the Bob Hope and Big Crosby films) featured musical sequences even though the films themselves were not musicals.  And the ones that always stuck with me featured the Andrews Sisters.  These three sisters appeared in Buck PrivatesHold That Ghost, and In the Navy (the first Abbot and Costello film I ever saw).  And they were fantastic.


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Our Unbiased Opinion: Adventures at the Busan International Film Festival

31 Oct

Today, we are proud to present a report on the Busan International Film Festival from our far east correspondent, Blake Palmer.  As some of you know, Blake also has his own blog about his adventures in Korea, and this article also appeared there.  If you have not had the chance to check out this record of his exploits on the far side of the world, you can find it here:  We will also be presenting reviews on some of the films Blake saw in the near future.

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Our Unbiased Opinion: Gay Disney Characters

23 Oct

I am talking about this because I’ve been thinking about it lately. Let’s make a tally of all the gay characters that have ever been on Disney. We’re not talking the ones you think may be gay, a la Flower from Bambi.

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