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Shows We’ve Watched: The Vampire Diaries (Part 1?)

26 Mar

Academia is a ruiner. I’m not saying that academia is bad, and I’m not saying that I don’t love it. I’m just saying that last fall when I wrote my thesis (“Born or Bitten: Child Vampires in Middle Grade Fiction”) eventually I saw sex in EVERYTHING. Two characters lock eyes, the music swells, they look away. Sex. Mulan shoves Sleeping Beauty’s heart back in her body, saying, “I’ve never done this before.” Sex. Okay, maybe that one is more obvious. Everywhere though.


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Shows We’ve Watched: Korean Commercials

8 Jan

Korean TV is one of the most bizarre forms of entertainment I’ve yet to encounter.

You see it everywhere. Overwrought dramas, only slightly more palatable than your typical American soap opera, blaring in the Kimbap shops, enigmatic reality shows playing out on the corner television sets of pizza places, and subway etiquette commercials that watch like a mix of a late night infomercial and an after school special (don’t run on the stairs or you will most certainly fall to your untimely death).

Commercials are easily the most baffling entertainment fodder that this country has to offer, though. 30 second clips of wtf-inducing mayhem, usually accompanied by shouting, singing, and frenetically clipped text overlays.

Without further ado, I present to you the finest I’ve been able to dig up thus far; a 1980s clip that features none other than Robocop hawking fried chicken to the hungry Korean masses. I’ll be the most pleasant kind of impressed if you can find better.

– Blake

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