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The Pull List #6

13 Jun

The Pull List is Nico’s ongoing recommendations for what to pick up at the comic shop this week.  Check back each week for the best of brand new releases.

Editor’s Note: This is supposed to be published on Wednesday, but David sucks this week.

DC Comics

Batman #21 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo


By this point it really should be no secret that Scott Snyder has crafted some of the best Batman stories ever. He invented one of the greatest foes ever in the form of the Court of Owls, told a utterly horrific Joker story, and now he’s setting his sights on the past in the form of a year long arc being called “Batman: Year Zero”. Now, given that “Batman: Year One” by Frank Miller is one of the most revered Batman stories of all time, it’s possible that Snyder is setting himself up for failure. But if there’s one thing he has proved it’s that on some fundamental level, Snyder understands both Batman and Bruce Wayne, how they work, how they think, and what the nature of their relationship to their rogues is. Given that in last year’s Batman #0 Snyder teased the early days of the Joker as the Red Hood, and has already said that the Riddler will be playing a major role soon, I for one can’t wait to see what his version of the birth of Batman brings.

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The Pull List #5

29 May

The Pull List is Nico’s ongoing recommendations for what to pick up at the comic shop this week.  Check back each week for the best of brand new releases.

Image Comics

Five Weapons #4 by Jimmie Robinson


I think I’ve written about this series every month, but that’s ok, because it’s so fucking cool. Last issue, Tyler beat Rick the Stick, the head of the Staff Club, and competed against Darryl the Arrow in a race to win a date with Jade the Blade. Yes, all the club presidents have rhyming names, and that’s ok, because, despite being a story about a school for assassins, writer and artist Jimmie Robinson seems interested in, above all, simply having fun. Now, there are just two issues left of this awesome series, and so many questions left to answer. Will Tyler win a date with Jade? Will his secret be found out? How does Nat the Gat, President of the Gun Club, fit into the staff scheme to get Tyler kicked out? This has been one of Image’s best mini series this year, and every issue is worth checking out.

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The Pull List #4

22 May

The Pull List is Nico’s ongoing recommendations for what to pick up at the comic shop this week.  Check back each week for the best of brand new releases.

Dark Horse Comics

Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells A Rat by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Kevin Nolan


Mike Mignola is perhaps best known for his epic (and still going) run on Hellboy, but he’s also down a lot more for Dark Horse, including a wonderfully bizarre pulp filled series starring Lobster Johnson. Don’t know who that is? That’s ok, because this month we are getting a one shot starring everybody’s favorite vigilante. The solicit says that somebody is killing bums in Skid Row, and you can guess that with Johnson on the case, somebody is going to get a lobster claw burned into their head (because fuck it, that’s why). But in all seriousness, it should be a great one shot and a nice introduction for people who may not know much about the world of Dark Horse’s BPRD.

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The Pull List #3

15 May

DC Comics

Aquaman Vol. 1: “The Trench” TBP by Geoff Johns, art by Ivan Reis


A few years ago, Geoff Johns completely remade the Green Lantern mythology bringing Hal Jordan back and fleshing out the emotional spectrum. Now, with the New 52, he’s doing the same thing for Aquaman. Yes, the guy who’s superpowers include “can-talk-to-fish”, who has frequently been the butt of comic book jokes for years, got the Geoff Johns makeover and now Aquaman is one of the best books DC is putting out each month. Collected in this TPB is the new introduction to Aquaman and his partner Mera as they struggle against a threat from deep below the sea. But more than that, it is simply a fantastic new take on an old DC character, one that is full of moments that show how in the right hands any character, even Aquaman, can be powerful and conflicted and utterly relatable, and without a doubt one of the most badass characters in the new DC Universe.

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The Pull List #2

1 May

DC Comics

The Movement #1 by Gail Simone, art by Freddie E. Williams II


Gail Simone has been putting out great comics at DC for years, from his epic run on Suicide Squad to his recent revamp of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, and now DC has given him a new task– adapting the Occupy movement into a comic book. That’s the closest comparison I can make. Even the solicit that went out for The Movement #1 begins: Who defends the powerless against the GREEDY and the CORRUPT? Who protects the homeless and poverty-stricken from those who would PREY upon them in the DARK OF NIGHT? A subversive group of superheroes fighting back against society? Written by Gail Simone? Art by the wonderfully talented Freddie Williams? It’s hard to think of a reason not to pick this up.

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The Pull List #1

24 Apr

Hi there. So, I’ve decided to do a weekly pull list of comics, or at least try to, which, to be totally honest, will probably only last so long before school and work and being a twenty-something gets in the way, but I think it could be interesting. For one thing, hopefully it’ll be seen by people who don’t normally read comics. Why? Because I love them and wish more people I knew were interested in them, mostly because I feel they are a vastly overlooked medium. Which, to be fair isn’t totally true, I guess the comics industry has made large strides in recent years (look at the success of movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight, or heck even TV shows like The Walking Dead). And I will admit, the underground comics scene does seem to thriving. But in terms of weekly releases? To that effect, I’d like to highlight some of the comics that come out week to week, as well as trades (collections of issues). So without further ado, my recommendations for the week of April 24th:

Dark Horse Comics

The Creep HC, written by John Arcudi, art by Jonathan Chase


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