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Things We’ve Read: Uncanny X-Force

18 Dec

Editors Note:  This article does contain some spoilers for Uncanny X-Force.  Its a great read though, so weigh your options carefully if you haven’t read the series yet.

I was taking a semester off and working part-time when I started collecting comics. Which makes sense, I guess. It’s not as though I had much else to do while I waited to hear back from UT, and I was living with my parents so my financial obligations were minimal to say the least. Such specious reasoning aside, you don’t have to be marginally employed and living at your parents’ house to start collecting comics, but I guess it helps. Collecting was always something I had wanted to do, but I had never been in a place in my life where I felt comfortable doing it. Which is weird when I think about it. My parents were never particularly prohibitive and the high school I attended was renowned for the fact that the students were nerds. Yet, with DC’s complete relaunch of titles, I found myself in a comic store for the first time.

Initially, I limited myself to “safe” picks like Batman and Justice League, but I quickly discovered just how little I knew about modern comics. My pull list (the comics that are put aside for me in a file) quickly grew and I began to follow comic sites like Comic Vine and Bleeding Cool. And then, before long, I fell in love- in love with a little story about assassins and time travel and other dimensions, about hard choices and fate, about killing and what it can do to you, and now just a year since I bought my first issue, it’s about to end.


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