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Films We’ve Watched: Iron Man 3

2 May

Following two successful Iron Man films and an almost universally applauded Avengers movie is no easy task, and there are few in Hollywood who could realistically handle the challenge. This project was riddled with potential landmines and missteps. After three major films, and a few minor appearances, the Iron Man character approaches overexposure, and might have easily slipped into tired, rehashed superhero drudgery.

However, the relentlessly witty combination of one of Hollywood’s most clever, one-liner laced writer/directors (Shane Black) and its fastest talking, most frenetically-paced actor makes for one of the sharpest scripts in years. The result is nothing less than a screen full of exploding awesome-bombs, and one of the most over-the-top action sequences ever to end a movie. We’re left with what is arguably the best solo Iron Man movie to date.

Iron Man 3

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Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 7

3 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so I’ve been told via Christmas songs in every single store since Thanksgiving. Those songs might actually have something this time though, as the Netflix fairies have been very kind this week. Kicking things off is the visually sexy Art of Flight. This might be the lowest on the name drop list but do not let that fool you into thinking this documentary doesn’t deserve your time. Art of Flight follows professional big mountain snowboarder Travis Rice and his friends as they go down the slopes of some of the most majestic landscapes you have ever seen. I’ve been snowboarding, and frankly sliding down anything on a piece of wood sounds like a game out of the Saw films, yet Art of Flight feels like peace and harmony. I am sure we all recall the outstanding series Planet Earth, well my friends that is what Art of Flight feels like. This time instead of seeing people step back from the environment you have people launching themselves off it. The views you are taken to are breathtaking.

Art of Flight

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