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Cult Classics: Ginger Snaps Discussion, Part 2 of 3

21 Nov

Now we turn out attention to Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed with more Katharine Isabel and Emily Perkins! This installment of the Ginger Snaps series was released in January of 2004 and directed by Brett Sullivan, the film editor for Ginger Snaps.

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Cult Classics: Ginger Snaps Discussion, Part 1 of 3

15 Nov

This Halloween, I watched a lot of horror films, as people often do around Halloween. Netflix Instant Play was awash with them (although regrettably only Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning is on Instant Play right now. I had to find the other two movies elsewhere). I got the idea to talk about the Ginger Snaps movies because I pretty much marathoned them the week before Halloween. And so I begin with Ginger Snaps, the John Fawcett directed movie that began it all in 2000. I apologize if this takes a turn for the obnoxious. Graduate school is ruining me/making me awesome.

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