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Films We’ve Watched: Life of Pi

15 Jan

Editor’s Note:  Though no outright spoilers, there is some discussion on the end of the film.  If you have yet to see it or read the book, be forewarned.

I remember the first time I read Life of Pi. I think I was in the sixth grade, and as you can imagine much of that novel’s magic was lost on me. And then I had to read it again in seventh grade. And then again the following year. And far from gaining more from each successive reading and from each English class I was forced to discuss it in, I began to despise Yann Martel’s novel. Indeed, it’s entirely possible I read it again my freshman year in high school and have simply scrubbed the memory away. It was hard to appreciate why teachers kept insisting on reading it. That is where my distaste originated at least. What made this book special, that year after year such emphasis was put on it? And now, nine years since I first cracked open its azure cover, and after watching Ang Lee’s new adaptation, I think I finally get it.


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