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Lara’s Jurassic Party

16 Nov

I recently turned the super ancient age of 24. Scary, I know. But the silver-lining (besides the gray hair) is that 24 is the DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY. Or so fate would make it seem. You see, merely days after birthday Jurassic Park was screened at my favorite place in the whole world, The Alamo Drafthouse. What a nice present from the Drafthouse! So, thanks to the genius of my friend, Aaron, it became very apparent that a JP themed meal was in order to celebrate the Life of Lara (despite the Death of Dinosaurs). I pulled together some ideas from Jurassic Park fanatics; Tyler, Brent, Daniela, Juliet, Laura, Aaron, and my own clever brain, put some of them to work (thanks be to Mitch, Jenny, Claire, Laura, Aaron, Beth, Stephanie, Juliet, Brittany, Nic, and mostofly, Tyler Boyfriend) and had the Jurassic Party of a lifetime. Hold on to your brunch.

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New York, Je T’aime Pt 2

8 Dec

Almost two weeks after my ventures round the Big Apple, I have finally sat down and made a video chronicle of all my movie-related adventures. Before you watch it, I would like to give a few disclaimers. Well, I don’t know if they’d be called “disclaimers,” more just pre-emptive apologies.

– I was extremely happy to be sight-seeing around New York and because of that, in most of these videos, my voice hits a register it doesn’t on normal occasions, rendering me even more obnoxious than usual.

-My Woody Allen impression is AWFUL. And when I tried to make it more over the top it got even worse.

– Even though New York is the home to hundreds upon hundreds of brilliant movies, like An Affair to Remember, Catch Me If You Can, and The Godfather, my brain was mostly clouded with Home Alone 2, You’ve Got Mail, and We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story. Sorry for the misrepresentation of New York film, but how can you think of Vito Corleone when Kevin McCallister has visited the same city?!

– I am a terrible camera-person.

– Apparently New York brings out a much more girly side of me, or maybe it’s just that there are so many “chick flicks” that come out of the city, because most of the references are to romantic comedies. It’s not a fair depiction of my main movie interests, but I couldn’t talk about science fiction because I did not visit outer space. Maybe next time.

– As soon as I finished this movie project, my computer deleted it. I had to go back and re-do everything in a much shorter time-span, so what you’re getting is the sloppy-second version of the film. Less footage, lots of awkward cuts, and a rushed third act. The anti-director’s cut. Still I hope you enjoy it.

Hoping video doesn’t kill the blogging star,


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