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Poster Passion: Death Proof

29 Jan

Death Proof is the Tarantino half of the Grindhouse experiment.  In 2007, Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez decided to each make half of an old school exploitation double feature.  Rodriguez brought us a zombie apocalypse thriller in Planet Terror, while Tarantino gave us the story of a crazed stunt man that murders helpless girls with his car, and the women that decide to fight back.  Just like his other films, Death Proof has fantastic posters.  And, as usual, they are very reminiscent of the films his movie is referencing.  In this case, 1970s exploitation cinema.  Enjoy.



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Poster Passion: Escape From New York

7 Nov

In our continuing quest to showcase posters that make you want to see the movie (instead of making you wonder how long it took to photoshop that guy’s head above that other guy’s head), we bring you one of the greatest action films of all time.  John Carpenter created a masterpiece in 1981 with the story of Snake Plissken breaking into the greatest prison ever built:  Manhattan.

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