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Poster Passion: Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

30 May

The best Star Trek film of all time is Wrath of Khan.  This is an undeniable fact.  The reboot may be the best looking.  The Voyage Home may be the most fun.  But Wrath of Khan is the best overall film.  The story is fantastic.  Building upon one of the greatest episodes of the original series (Space Seed for those of you don’t know your episodes very well), we get to watch the violent return of the best villain in Star Trek history.  But you also get to watch Kirk deal with the fact that he’s getting older and what that means.  What do life and death mean to a man who’s spent most of his years travelling through space instead of building a home and a family.  Wrath of Khan is intelligent, fun, and action-packed.  And it had some really posters too.



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Top 5 Dead People To Spend Halloween With

29 Oct

For this week’s Top Five List we wanted to do something Halloween related. After considering some passable lists such as scariest movie scenes or favorite movies to watch for Halloween, David’s wife thought of a brilliant idea: a top five list of dead actors, directors, writers, composers, or anyone else in the movie business, who we would want to reanimate for Halloween. So there you go. Here are the Top Five Dead Movie People We Would Want to Raise From The Dead To Spend Halloween With. Continue reading

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