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Films We’ve Watched: The Sting (1973)

6 Feb

I recently enjoyed one of the myriad worthwhile and under-attended Alamo Drafthouse events, wherein a particular film (often pre-1980) is celebrated for its cinematic renown. These events tend to center around a theme which loosely ties the series together. This particular series is titled “Man Crush” and contains a collection of films which commemorate the men of the silver screen who have captured the admiration of male and female alike. As Paul Newman and Robert Redford more or less defined that genre, The Sting was a perfect and natural selection for this month’s screening.


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Facial Hair Friday, Week 35

30 Apr

Just try and deny Robert Redford’s dreaminess. You will fail.

Speaking of fail, this morning Lara, of Lara and Reel Boy, wrote today’s Facial Hair Friday, at my, being the wife of the “Reel Boy,” apartment. Do to some foreseeable picture-posting troubles, Lara left the post up on the “Reel Boy’s computer” for him to publish later. I, computer literate as I am, managed to close and consequently destroy said post. Fail.

In recompense for my sins, I composed a new facial hair Friday. While I may not be nearly as movie-savvy as Lara or the Reel boy, I do know a thing or two about facial hair. (If you refer back to previous posts including a picture/video of my husband you will know how I came to become what some might consider a sage of hair on the face.)  And facial hair just doesn’t get much better than this:

So while Lara’s post probably had something to do with a more current and relevant subject, the actor I am featuring has, in fact, been in movies, and also has, in fact, the dreamiest facial hair ever illuminated on the big screen. Ever.

Lara, Reel Boy, please forgive me,

Stephanie “Mrs. Reel Boy” Chisholm

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