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Poster Passion: Django Unchained

14 Feb

We’re finally here.  Valentine’s Day.  And the latest film to come out of Tarantino’s encyclopedic mind, the revenge-slavesploitation-western Django Unchained.  He continues to reference the films that influence him in both the movie itself and the posters that advertise for it.  And we continue to benefit from it with some of the coolest posters to come out in years.  I have to wonder how much he’s been influenced by working so much with the Alamo Drafthouse over the years as well.  Some of these posters look very similar to Mondo posters stylistically.  And that’s definitely not a complaint.


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Poster Passion: Jackie Brown

9 Jan

Django Unchained was released on Christmas Day, during our small holiday hiatus.  But that is not going to stop us from continuing our Tarantino poster celebration.  Today, we’re going to look at his modern blaxploitation (and sort of unofficial sequel to Foxy BrownJackie Brown.  I’ve heard some people call this his best film, and others call it his most boring.  Personally, I’m just thankful someone put Pam Grier in a starring role again.  Anyway, let’s look at the wonderful posters we got from Jackie Brown.



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Poster Passion: Pulp Fiction

13 Dec

We continue our look into Quentin Tarantino’s posters this week with his second feature film Pulp Fiction.  Widely considered one of the greatest films of all time, this masterpiece focuses on the characters that drive the story in its posters.  And while its definitely not the best posters the director has ever had, its still far and away better than most of what is out there these days.  So, sit back, enjoy the posters, and continue getting excited for Django Unchained!


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RELAUNCH, also The Top Five Films Since We Stopped Posting On This Here Blog

15 Oct

Here we are.  It’s been almost a year since anything was posted here.  Honestly, we had pretty much given up on it.  We’re both busy, have jobs, things we like to do.  But eventually we reached a conclusion.  We both love film.  It’s always going to be a hugely important part of both of our lives.  And this is something fairly simple we can do to share that.

So, here we are.  We are back with a slightly different looking site.  We have several new writers on board (check out the About page!).  We have some new subjects we’re going to be covering.  You’ll probably get to read about more television and written materials than you used to.  But we promise it will be wonderful.

This just seemed appropriate.

In preparing for this day, we asked what the best way to relaunch the site would be.  And the answer was fairly obvious.  A Top Five List.  These are not reviews, just ramblings.  But they are our favorite films since almost a year ago.  So, without further ado, here are The Top Five Films Since We Stopped Posting On This Here Blog.

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Lara’s Solo Review of Inglourious Basterds

18 Aug

There are a few major characteristics we Quentin Tarantino fans have come to expect from all of his movies. We go into his films hoping for stylized violence, overlapping narrative threads, certain actors, and clever insights. Does Tarantino’s newest film, Inglourious Basterds, make good on these unspoken agreements? With much discretion, as it has not been released in theaters yet, I will touch the surface on what and what not to expect from his latest feature. Continue reading

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