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Films We’ve Watched: Spring Breakers

10 Apr

“I feel like I’ve just gone through two nights of drinking, and this was the collective hangover.” That’s how my roommate described Harmony Korine’s new film, Spring Breakers. Perhaps you know it? It has had, after all, a marketing campaign that I would describe as omnipresent, or perhaps ubiquitous. And it does star Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson, not to mention James Franco. The first three, known for their television work and family friendly image, aren’t the kind of people you expect to find in a feature film, let alone one as dark as this. Indeed, much like Michael Haneke’s film Amour earlier this year, I find myself thinking that Spring Breakers is an excellent movie, just maybe not one I can recommend to anybody else.


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Facial Hair Friday, #73: FRANCO’S FRESH FACE

25 Jan

One of the movies that we are most excited about debuting at SXSW Film Festival is Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.  A little film starring girls from the Disney channel who go crazy over spring break, rob a bank, and start hanging out with a corn-rowed drug dealer played by James Franco.  And it just so happens that Mr. Franco has some pretty disgusting facial hair to go along with his corn rows.



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