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Facial Hair Friday, #73: Dashing Directors

11 Jan

Oscar nominations are out! And while I could use this platform to complain about who I really wanted in the race and how outrageous it is that the score for Cloud Atlas was snubbed, I’m going to just look at one aspect of yesterday’s announcements. The thing that most took me off guard: this year’s contenders for Best Director.

Over the past decade or so, (with the exception of the controversial Ang Lee / Traffic year, as well as Roman Polanski / Chicago) the Best Picture winner has been completely synonymous with the Best Director. This has really hindered the excitement and surprise of the final, most coveted award, “Ok, Tom Hooper won, so The King’s Speech is gonna take Best Picture over The Social Network. Yay.” It’s been pretty formulaic and disappointing, because they DON’T ALWAYS have to go hand in hand. And this year it doesn’t look like they will.

This year the films that have been most talked about for Best Picture winner: Argo, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty don’t even have their head honchos in the running! And those aren’t just first-time filmmakers– each has been nominated or won in the past. For these 85th Academy Awards we have two fresh faces: Benh Zeitlin, who at only 30 years old is up for his first feature film, The Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Michael Haneke, a 70 year old, Austrian veteran who is just getting the Oscars’ attention for Amour. There is also David O. Russell, who is brought back for the second time after The Fighter two years ago, and our wonderful veterans, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg. And let’s face it. Steven has done so much for film, he should be nominated yearly. Whether or not he’s made a new movie. But I digress… Though I’m a bit miffed that Quentin Tarantino and Ben Affleck didn’t get nods, I still think it’s pretty rad that there’s such an amalgamation of Directors contending this year, and that they aren’t positively going to be taking home the Best Film Oscar.

And here I was going to make a collage of all the competitors, assuming they would be have beards, as all good directors do (with the exception of the lady ones, of course*). But instead only TWO of the fellows are scruffy, and so they are the ones who get to feature on this week’s Facial Hair Friday.


Michael Heneke                                                 /                    Steven Spielberg

Ang Lee, David O. Russell, Benh Zeitlin – GET ON IT.

Glad for something different,


*I must say, as happy as I was to have a female director finally take home the Oscar a few years ago, I’m quite relieved that Kathryn Bigelow isn’t even competing this year. Zero Dark Thirty looks almost exactly the same as The Hurt Locker! I mean, to have someone win for two consecutive modern war films– I couldn’t take it.


The Top Five Non-Christmas Christmas Films

20 Dec

For us here at Lara and the Reel Boy, Christmas time means that we watch specific movies.  Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are viewed back to back, usually with large quantities of pizza and ice cream with marshmallows.  White Christmas and Holiday Inn typically make an appearance as well.  These are all films that are only watched at Christmas time.  We will never sit down and watch The Santa Clause in July, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in April.  That would just be sacrilegious.

But there are also those Christmas films that can be watched throughout the year.  This is what we’re going to focus on today.  The Top Five Non-Christmas Christmas Films.  So, to explain, this is going to be Christmas movies that you would watch at other times of the year, without feeling super weird about it.  The story takes place during Christmas, and you probably watch them during the month of December every single year, but you also watched them with the air conditioning blasting during that heat wave last June.  And you felt fantastic about it.


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RELAUNCH, also The Top Five Films Since We Stopped Posting On This Here Blog

15 Oct

Here we are.  It’s been almost a year since anything was posted here.  Honestly, we had pretty much given up on it.  We’re both busy, have jobs, things we like to do.  But eventually we reached a conclusion.  We both love film.  It’s always going to be a hugely important part of both of our lives.  And this is something fairly simple we can do to share that.

So, here we are.  We are back with a slightly different looking site.  We have several new writers on board (check out the About page!).  We have some new subjects we’re going to be covering.  You’ll probably get to read about more television and written materials than you used to.  But we promise it will be wonderful.

This just seemed appropriate.

In preparing for this day, we asked what the best way to relaunch the site would be.  And the answer was fairly obvious.  A Top Five List.  These are not reviews, just ramblings.  But they are our favorite films since almost a year ago.  So, without further ado, here are The Top Five Films Since We Stopped Posting On This Here Blog.

Hit the break to read on…

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Lara’s Jurassic Party

16 Nov

I recently turned the super ancient age of 24. Scary, I know. But the silver-lining (besides the gray hair) is that 24 is the DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY. Or so fate would make it seem. You see, merely days after birthday Jurassic Park was screened at my favorite place in the whole world, The Alamo Drafthouse. What a nice present from the Drafthouse! So, thanks to the genius of my friend, Aaron, it became very apparent that a JP themed meal was in order to celebrate the Life of Lara (despite the Death of Dinosaurs). I pulled together some ideas from Jurassic Park fanatics; Tyler, Brent, Daniela, Juliet, Laura, Aaron, and my own clever brain, put some of them to work (thanks be to Mitch, Jenny, Claire, Laura, Aaron, Beth, Stephanie, Juliet, Brittany, Nic, and mostofly, Tyler Boyfriend) and had the Jurassic Party of a lifetime. Hold on to your brunch.

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Video Review of Super 8

20 Jun

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Lara’s Apology To Perhaps the Most Important Bearded Man in Her Life

13 Jan

Last night as I was relaxing after supper, about to watch Death Proof with some out-of-towners, I checked the site real quick and my darling friends from the Land of Enchantment realized they hadn’t watched any of the video blogs we made last week. And they wanted to. So we did. And, despite the discomfort created by watching my own awkward self — I realized a HUGE blunder I had made in one of the posts. I had unintentionally hurt someone who I love and revere and I would like to take this time to apologize publicly to him. Perhaps the most important bearded man in my life.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Top Five Movie Things We’re Thankful For

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from Lara and the Reel Boy! We hope you don’t burn the turkey, that you enjoy the transition into Christmas (yes, Christmas movies here I come!), and that you can reflect on many things that you are thankful for. Here are our Top Five Movie Things we are thankful for from this last year. Continue reading

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