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The Top Five Films of SXSW 2013

27 Mar

As was previously mentioned, David and Lara were both extremely busy with the SXSW Film Festival this year, and both saw a ridiculous amount of movies despite (or perhaps because of) that.  Well, here is your chance to find out what the best films they saw were.  You will know which movies you need to keep a watchful eye out for, and your curiosity can finally be satisfied.  They didn’t see all of the same films, so their lists will be different for that reason, in addition to the fact that they generally disagree on most things.

One final note, neither David nor Lara saw Spring Breakers at the festival.  So, don’t take the fact that its missing from this list as a criticism.  We will definitely be talking about it in the near future.

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Another Earth, solo review by Lara

18 Jul

Perhaps the best part of having a badge at SXSW is that I got to see movies I never would have otherwise. The experience that appropriately exemplifies this was the Paramount’s Secret Screening, in which the viewers show up to the theater with no idea of what they are going to see until it is announced, right before the lights go down. You can imagine my disappointment when Janet Pierson (producer of the SXSW Film Festival) announced that rather than some long-awaited, epic movie, as I was hoping for (my fingers were crossed for Cowboys & Aliens), we were going to be watching Another Earth, an indie-flick I’d never even heard of. I seriously considered walking out and hitting up my beloved SoBe Lizard Lounge, but I decided to stick it out. I figured if I wasn’t feeling the film I could always leave in the middle and enjoy a lovely, Lifewater beverage later. Thank God I saw it through, because that “indie-flick” turned out to be one of the most thought-provoking and beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. One of those movies I just want to tell everyone about. So let me tell you about it.

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Lara’s SXSW Film Fest Review: Origins

22 Mar

The South By Southwest film festival was for me what I imagine a wedding is for most people. You look forward to it all of your life, and soon before it takes place you over-think it and prepare and prepare, planning every single moment, and then when it finally happens it is a blur of nerves and excitement and magic that disappears all too soon. And you know your life will never be the same… Ahh… My life was better last week than it will ever be again…

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