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Fantastic Fest Review: The Day

10 Oct

Somehow, in the past few years, post-apocalyptic movies have been running a close second to vampire films.  Maybe it’s the general sense that there is very little hope for this society to continue at the pace we have set for it.  Maybe it’s just that post-apocalyptic movies are usually pretty fun to watch.  And maybe it’s just the guarantee that you are not going to have a glamorous male model posing as a monster showing up at any point.  But regardless, the rift left by the end of the original Mad Max trilogy seems to have been closed.  We had The Road and The Book of Eli, the announcement that Mad Max himself will be making a return, a handful of other films, and now we have The Day.

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Fantastic Fest Spotlight: The Day

12 Sep

With Fantastic Fest fast approaching, I am beginning to sit down and think about which moveis I actually want to see.  There are a lot of them, and its very easy to be overwhelmed by the whole thing.  If I do this festival liek I do every other part of my life, I won’t think about it at all and will just see what’s playing each day on my way there.  However, as I previously mentioned, I am not going to be lazy about this.  And my first step in this non-lazy journey is to figure out what movies I definitely do not want to miss.  So, my first movie on this list is Doug Aarniokoski’s The Day.

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