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The Doctor Who Experience, Episode 1

2 Feb

I am beginning a massive journey into the world of Doctor Who.  Last time I talked about this undertaking I invited all of you to join me as started with the adventures of the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.  Some of you who did not read the last entry in “The Doctor Who Experience” may be wondering why I decided to start in the middle of this long-standing series.  Why not start at the beginning?  Or the newer episodes that are airing now?  Valid questions.  I decided to start with Tom Baker, because I already know and love Tom Baker.  Mr. Baker played Puddleglum in the BBC production of the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.  The reasoning there may not fully make sense, but I have already begun the journey, and I started with Tom Baker.

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The Doctor Who Experience: Prologue

12 Jan

I have always been fascinated by Doctor Who.  Really, I’ve always been fascinated by the many things that make up Doctor Who.  I love Science Fiction.  I love bizarre cult television.  I love almost everything from England.  When you mix all this together you have Doctor Who.  So despite the fact that I had never actually seen a single episode, I had decided that I liked this long running science fiction phenomenon several years ago.

Along comes November of 2009 and I am in a grocery store waiting on my wife to decide what Kashi cereal she wants, and I pick up the latest issue of Wired.  Inside, I see a small article by Scott Brown on why he, an American, loves Doctor Who.  Intrigued, I read on.  Mr. Brown makes a strong case.  All the evidence he presents supporting his love of this British institution are things I had imagined loving whenever I finally got around to watching it.  Mr. Brown finally broken through my apathetic laziness and convinced me to start down the long road of Doctor Who fandom.

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Video Post Part 2 (Kind of).

28 Dec
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