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The Pull List #6

13 Jun

The Pull List is Nico’s ongoing recommendations for what to pick up at the comic shop this week.  Check back each week for the best of brand new releases.

Editor’s Note: This is supposed to be published on Wednesday, but David sucks this week.

DC Comics

Batman #21 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo


By this point it really should be no secret that Scott Snyder has crafted some of the best Batman stories ever. He invented one of the greatest foes ever in the form of the Court of Owls, told a utterly horrific Joker story, and now he’s setting his sights on the past in the form of a year long arc being called “Batman: Year Zero”. Now, given that “Batman: Year One” by Frank Miller is one of the most revered Batman stories of all time, it’s possible that Snyder is setting himself up for failure. But if there’s one thing he has proved it’s that on some fundamental level, Snyder understands both Batman and Bruce Wayne, how they work, how they think, and what the nature of their relationship to their rogues is. Given that in last year’s Batman #0 Snyder teased the early days of the Joker as the Red Hood, and has already said that the Riddler will be playing a major role soon, I for one can’t wait to see what his version of the birth of Batman brings.

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